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The Hall of Fame celebrates U of T alumni who have made exceptional contributions to their areas of work, including intellectuals, artists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and those whose careers straddle multiple disciplines. The Hall of Fame will continue to grow alongside the U of T itself, as graduates continue to distinguish themselves in various areas of practice.

One of the best aspects of attending the U of T is being able to count oneself among the distinguished ranks of alumni. We hope that this section of our database will inspire current and future students to take pride in their institution and their studies, and to perhaps one day join our Hall of Fame. Big or small, every alumni’s contributions to their field are important and appreciated.

Here you will find the biographies of notable alumni such as Frederick Banting, Northrop Frye, Margaret MacMillan, Roberta Bondar, and Donald Sutherland, et al. If you know of a notable alumnus that you think we should profile, please let us know on the comment board or via email at info@uths.org.

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Charles Dubin
Escott Reid

Escott Graves Meredith Reid was an eminent Canadian diplomat who served as Deputy Under-Secretary for External Affairs from 1949 to 1952. Born in 1905 to an Anglican minister, Reid spent the earl…

Eugenia Charles

Eugenia Charles was born Mary Eugenia Charles on May 15, 1919 in Pointe Michel, Dominica. The granddaughter of slaves, Charles moved north and graduated in 1947 with her LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, fro…

Helen MacGill
Leonard Braithwaite
Lester Pearson
Romain Pitt
Rosalie Silberman Abella

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